Facilities & Services

Industrial Park Brievengat

Facilities & Services

The Industrial Park Brievengat provides multi-purpose buildings with a floor area varying from 32,000 - 43,000 square feet (3,000 to 4,000 square meters). Each building is divided into units of 5,000 square feet (500 square meters).

This gives you the flexibility to obtain the number of area as needed by your activity.

Each unit has the following characteristics:

  • a length of 98 feet (30 meters);
  • a width of 49 feet (15 meters);
  • a floor-to-ceiling height of 18 feet (5.5 meters);
  • concrete floors that can sustain a maximum weight of 200 lb. per square foot (1,000 kg per square meter);
  • its own separate water, electricity and telephone connections;
  • restrooms;
  • two entrances, one door and a rolling door (4x4 meters);
  • optionally, loading docks.

Firms operating at the Industrialpark Brievengat are offered the flexibility to rent part or a whole building, no need to invest in their own building.

In the event a specific activity requires a custom design building, there are various sizes of ready to build plots available for long lease.



Lease: US$ 56 to US$ 70 /m² /year.
Service charges: US$ 7 /m² /year.
Land long lease: US$ 3.35 /m² /year for plots for the construction of tailor-made buildings.


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