Industrial Park Brievengat


Industrial Park Brievengat

1. What types of businesses are allowed into the Industrial Park Brievengat?

Curinde accepts only local limited liability companies.

2. Can I move my existing N.V. to the Industrial Park Brievengat?

Yes, if you already have a limited liability company and would like to re-locate or even expand your business into the Industrial Park Brievengat, you are not required to form a new separate company.

3. What are the steps to be taken for renting a space?

Enterprises wishing to start an operation at the Business Park Brievengat should fill in an application form, which can be obtained from Curinde. This should be accompanied by bank and commercial references.
The application will be processed within 24 hours and after verifying the requested information, we will submit a quotation for the best location for the type of activity.
Once you accept our quotation, a rental agreement will be signed.

4. What is the duration of the rental contract?

Depending on the type of activity, generally, Curinde signs a one-year extendible contract.
However, for both existing tenants and for those that need a location for a shorter time of period, short leases can be considered.

5. Do I need to pay anything before signing of a rental agreement?

No, Curinde will assist you free of charge.

6. Am I free to furnish the unit to my needs?

The units are multi-purpose with flexibility to build a variety of compartments, such as, office space or mezzanines. Nevertheless, Curinde will need to approve the construction plans.

7. Do you offer land for construction of my custom made plant?

Yes, if our multi-purpose buildings are not suitable for your specific operation, we can offer you land.
The requirements will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Some of the criteria’s are; type of activity, space needed, and a feasibility study.

8. Are there restrictions on the operating hours?

Enterprises operating at the Business Park Brievengat may operate 24 hours a day without any hindrance. In addition, the park is patrolled by a private security company 24 hours a day.

9. How is the power assurance rate at the Industrial Park Brievengat?

The park benefits from a redundant power connection to the local power network.

10. How many 40' general purpose containers can be stored in one unit?

The dimensions of the units are 30 meters by 15 meters with a floor-to-ceiling height of 5.5m. Considering the dimensions of a 40’ general purpose container; length-12m, width-2.4m and a height-2.6m, it can be deducted that each unit can accommodate at least 10 containers.

11. What incentives are offered for manufacturers or production activities?

For those industrial activities, the Government may grant a number of incentives, such as, exemptions from import duties and a 2% tax on realized profits. Please contact us for further assistance.

12. Is the Industrial Park Brievengat considered as a free (economic) zone area?

No, the E-zone law (regulating the free [economic] zones) is not applicable to the Industrial Park Brievengat. Hence, companies operating at the Industrial Park Brievengat are not required to export their goods.

13. Can I visit the park to have a look at one of the units?

If you are interested in visiting the park to get a better view of the units, feel free to contact us. We will gladly show you around.


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