Requirements & Incentives

Free (Economic) Zones

Requirements & Incentives

The Economic zones are regulated by the Curaçao economic zone law, which grants incentives under certain requirements. Following, an overview of the requirements and incentives applicable for having an operation in both the Curaçao Harbor Economic Zone and the Curaçao Airport Economic Zone


  • A minimum of 75% of the e-zone’s company annual turnover must be obtained from export. Sales to the local market are allowed up to a maximum of 25% of the annual total sales turnover. On these sales normal import duties and profit tax rates are applicable while a permit is required to sell goods to the local market.
  • A minimum of one job created per 1800 square feet (170 square meters) of space occupied.
  • Submit an application form (click here to download the application form).
  • Establishment of a limited liability company under local law, dedicated exclusively to the economic zone business.
  • Local business/director's license.
  • Local work/residence permit.
  • For a long lease land contract, a feasibility study is required.


  • 0% Import duties.
  • 0% Turnover tax
  • 2% Profit tax on export profits.
  • No land and property taxes.

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