Why business in Curaçao?

Why business in Curaçao?

Curaçao’s main industries are tourism, international financial services, logistics (transport sector), e-commerce and oil processing. The island’s local currency is a stable one, pegged to the US dollar. Curaçao can be counted among the most prosperous islands in the Caribbean region with a corresponding low crime rate.

Curaçao offers the following benefits to international businesses:

  1. A strategic and safe location, outside the hurricane belt, making Curaçao an excellent Distribution center for the Caribbean area, South, Central and North America and the European Union.
  2. A well-developed harbor including a natural deep sea port, container terminal and dry dock with multiple connections from/to the Caribbean region as well as from/to South, Central and North America and the European Union.
  3. An international airport with excellent air connections from/to the Caribbean region as well as from/to South, Central, North America and the European Union.
  4. An excellent developed financial services sector, home to many of the world’s leading financial institutions.
  5. A state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure with high speed internet access. Curaçao is located at the crossroads of the latest high capacity Caribbean submarine fiber-cable networks like Arcos 1, PanAm and Americas II, providing ample bandwidth while maintaining redundant connectivity options to/from the island.
  6. Fully developed business parks with flexible multi-purpose buildings.
  7. Special tax incentives for enterprises operating in the Curaçao Economic Zone. These are part of a wide range of legal and financial benefits which include asset protection, tax minimization, privacy and investment diversification.
  8. Curaçao being part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands provides special access to the European Union.
  9. A stable parliamentary democracy.
  10. An independent and high-quality Dutch legal system.
  11. A high standard of education, based on the Dutch educational system.
  12. A friendly multilingual population, a safe living and working environment.
  13. Curinde is a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC). As of May, 2014, Curinde has signed an M.O.U. with the IACC.
  14. The IACC regularly holds regional enforcement trainings and are present at high level conferences in different countries, including Curaçao.


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