About Us

About Us

We believe in the potential of Curaçao

We at Curinde believe in the potential of Curaçao as a prime logistical hub for successful business in the Caribbean region. Our philosophy is to provide professional support and qualitative facilities to parties interested in operating in the Curaçao Airport Free (Economic) Zone, the Curaçao Harbor Free (Economic Zone) or the Industrial Park Brievengat at the most competitive terms.

Our mission

To attract, assist and stimulate trading and production companies to reach their objectives and consequently contribute to sustainable economic and social growth of Curaçao.

Our vision

By 2020 Curinde will be an internationally recognized  facilitator of international production and trade of high-value goods, providing excellent commercial services by caring and knowledgeable professionals.

Our Team

Our specialists assist with fast and accurate advice regarding the compliance of your activity for an economic (free) zone operation and the procedures for incorporating and starting a business in the Free (Economic) zone of Curaçao. If necessary, we can also refer you to legal, financial and tax advisors, as well as engineers and other technical specialists.

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  • T(599-9) 737-6000
  • F(599-9) 737-1336
  • Einfo@curinde.com
  • AEmancipatie Blvd 7 Landhuis Koningsplein, Curaçao